Jun 23, 2008

Analog Warfare 2

Analog Warfare 2 is a very nice triple oscillator bass synth that performs just beautifully. I was able to tweak one of the 54 editable presets, select arpeggiator mode, and then hold.....what came from my headphones next was astounding: A kicking bass line that any musician would be proud to use !

Just a few of it's features:

* 2 standard modelled oscillators
* 1 phase distortion modelled oscillator
* 3 independant Amp envelopes
* 4 BPM synced LFO's with many sources and 4x78 destinations
* total of almost 400 routing destinations
* 2 BPM synced double multi mode filter delay's with autopanning and autocrossing
* 2 stereo chorus
* 1 phrase arpeggiator with groovecontrol
* 3 Switchpanels (effects/arpeggiator/miscelanious)
* midi automated on most usefull controllers

Best of all Analog Warfare 2 is 100% Freeware !

Download Analog Warfare 2 Here

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