Jun 14, 2008

Memphis "Slapback" Effect

I ran across this little plugin today and with no hesitation it has found a permanent home in my guitar effects folder. The slapback effect started in the 50's & used by artist like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, & even modern artist like U2. Emulating the popular tape delay technique (That started it all) "Memphis" gives you the slapback sound with pure perfection. Not only impressed by it's own sound, I was suprised at how well it enhances & compliments other plugins.
Feed this vst into another effect (A little echo, some ambiance, and a bit of reverb) and it provides a sound that is truly unbelievable ! Download "Memphis" and load it in your favorite host app...... Plug in your guitar, and prepare to be blown away.

For the latest version "Download Memphis Here"

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