Jun 22, 2008

Sometimes you feel like fuzz - Sometimes you don't

After playing the guitar for awhile with distortion, I sometimes just yearn for that clean, fat, saturated sound with maybe a hint of vibrato. I found a combination that works very well for achieving just that. First is "TLs Saturated Driver" followed by "Audio Vibrato".

TLs Saturated driver is a tube amp emulator with limiter/compressor adjustments and a boost/X2 setting to provide a strong "Thick Distortion" when needed.

Audio Vibrato is another one of those vst's that does just one thing and does it well...and that is to provide a simple vibrato effect.

Feed TLs into Audio Vibrato and you get a nice clean saturated sound thats hard to beat.

Download TLs Saturated Driver Here !

Download Audio Vibrato Here !

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