Jul 24, 2008

Cortex Guitar Amp

"Cortex Guitar Amp" is a vst that has long been out of development, In fact the creators website no longer exists. It was made to have it's own unique sound instead of trying to emulate any particular amp.

Cortex includes 6 separate dll's

  • Cortex - The amp (4 different preamps, Gain, Tube & Transistor, EQ, Boost, Low/Mid/High and more)
  • Cab - An amp cabinet simulator
  • Expander - Attack/Release/Compression/Freq
  • Vowler - Kind of a wah-wah on steroids
  • Crazyator - A powerful flanger like effect
  • Notcher - A nice phaser effect
I found "Cortex Amp" on "" after reading about it's popularity in a forum at KVR.
I tried it out in "Reaper" and absolutly love it ! Download Cortex Amp and let me know what you think of it.

Cortex Amp Direct Download Here

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