Jul 26, 2008

Newbie Guide

I don’t have a music keyboard, can I still play around with a virtual synth like “SuperWave P8” using just my computer keyboard ? Well the answer is very simple, YES ! You can load and play around with just about any vst / vsti using a free host like “MaizeStudio” or the popular unrestricted shareware audio workstation “Reaper”.

  • First: Download ASIO4ALL this will be the sound driver your host program will be using.
  • Second: Download and install a host program so you can load a virtual synth. (For absolute beginners I would suggest downloading MaizeStudio) Later try out a powerful program like Reaper.
  • Third: Create a folder on you hard drive for the plugins you might use, for example C:\My vst plugins
  • Fourth: Download a vsti you might want to try like the above SuperWave p8. Extract the zip file and place the contents in the new folder you created.

Now run MaizeStudio click edit at the top then preferences and choose the new vst folder you created….Close and restart MaizeStudio. From the drop down menu in the audio driver interface make sure asio4all is selected and press the power button…..It should now glow red. Right click in the design view and choose midi interface then keyboard. Again right click in the design view and find the synth you downloaded (Prob at the bottom of the menu) All that's left is to wire or link it all together just like the photo above. (To create the virtual wires place your mouse pointer over the correct box …… double click - hold and drag the wire to the next box as above. If done correctly you should be able to use you computers key’s to play the synth !

I know this doesn't teach you much, I just hope this "hands on" exercise will entice you to learn and become a part of the digital music community.

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