Aug 31, 2008

The Aradaz Collection

I have been following Arie since his first vst release and this guy has come a long way. It's almost like Christmas as a kid, you cant wait to see what comes next !
As of right now this is his product line:

  • Aradaz Maximizer - An Auto Release Loudness Maximizer with manual input gain control. It can be used for mixing or mastering
  • Aradaz Guitar Amps: White / Green / and Aradaz Crunch - Some of the best sounding vst amps you going to find anywhere.
  • Aradaz Cabinet Simulator: The newest project in the line to give you some choice in finding that perfect cab to suit you needs.
I would love to look into the future and see what he has to offer the music community.........  Hmm would we  see "Aradaz Guitar Rig" ?
If your a guitarist and you havent yet discovered the Aradaz Collection, you have know idea what you are missing.

Go to " Now !

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