Sep 2, 2008

Google Enters The Browser Wars

Well it seems to be official...... Google will be releasing a web browser dubbed "Google Chrome". It is still in debate among bloggers wether Google will use Gecko, WebKit - Khtml, or their own engine creation. From what I have read people seem divided over the browser news. Some are welcoming google into the browser wars citing "The more the merrier" this will prod browser developers in releasing a better browser, trying to get ahead of the other guy. Then there is the alternate view.....Some are grimacing at googles idea with headlines and comments  like "Google eats it's young" & "Google just screwed Firefox".  You see Google has a financial interest in Firefox and the entire Mozilla project. If this "power company" pulls the dollars out will the Mozilla Foundation survive? Well thats a simple answer...Yes . Their are alot of search providers out there who would love to be the Firefox default search engine. Yes I know that is just the tip of the iceberg ......there are many other implications involved. The good news is google has agreed to fund the Mozilla Project for an additional 3 years. So even if not I really don't think Mozilla has anything to worry about. As a matter of fact they appear to be all for Googles move.

The beta version should be available late today or tomorrow.
Want to read Googles little comic book story about the Chrome Browser - Click here !

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