Oct 10, 2008 Phone Number

Well I found out who withdrew funds from my checking account without my permission : ! It is a fraudulent company offering loans and credit cards with no credit check. The real kicker is I never applied for anything from this company. As a matter of fact it has been over 10 years since I applied for any kind of credit. Somehow though they have my personal and bank info and they took me for a ride. I managed to get a phone number from my bank concerning the company and the withdrawal. I have seen many postings on message boards with folks facing the same problem as me trying to find a number to here it is
Consumer /  1-888-267-2169
Guess what the phone number is simply a run around.
Here is what happened when I called the number.......
  • Recording: "Hold for a rep"
  • After Waiting: "No reps available at this time call back later or visit"
  • After I hung up: Me getting very angry and shouting "Bastards"
* If you have found out more than me, or just need to vent your anger.... drop me a comment and tell me your story.

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