Jan 4, 2009

3 Desktop Tools That I Cant Do Without.

Through the years of of computer usage I learned to slim down my desktop and learn a few shortcuts. Three tools that have made my computer time a little easier are Rocket Dock, Launchy, & Folder Guide. 
Rocket Dock is a very nice launcher that can be customized for a look and feel to fit even the pickiest of users. One nice thing I like about Rocket Dock is that to customize it you don't have to search 3rd party sites for themes, the programs website hosts it's own themes and addons. Launchy is a nice app launcher that will help eliminate the need to always go to the start menu when running a program. Just type a few letters of the program you want to open and Launchy will list it and open it for you. The more you use it the more it learns your choices....... depending on only a few keystrokes to get you up and going with your favorite programs. It to can be themed to fit in with your desktop look. Folder Guide is a tool that I have used for a long time and absolutely will not be without it on any computer I own. Simply right click and choose your directory destination and Folder Guide will take you there....... It has saved me more mouse clicks than I can count.

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