Jan 25, 2009

Blogger CSS SidebarTabs - Updated

I hope everyone will overlook the construction, I am trying to implement a 2 tab css area in my blogs sidebar. For a seasoned html writer this probably would take no more than a few minutes, but for me (a html newb) this is like climbing a mountain. I'm also tryng to tweak my blogs load time, so if you see something out of place you know I'm tinkering. :)

Thanks, Charles

I found an easier way to get the tabbed area via a widget I found at Templates-Gallery. As far as I know it is the only tab widget available for blogger. At least the only one were you don't have to edit your blogger template, you just add it from your layout page. Another method that is quiet good is explained here at Hoctro's Blog. It gives you that Yahoo look to your tabbed area.

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