Jan 14, 2009

ISP Censorship - It's here & It's Now

Demon Internet (UK ISP) ruffled a few feathers when it censored the Wikipedia entry concerning the 70's "Virgin Killer" album by the music group The Scorpions. It depicts a nude underage girl on the cover resulting in the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) to take action in response to a complaint. Well it appears they have done it again by blocking 85 billion pages of the past by black listing WayBackMachine. Don't get me wrong I am all for combating child porn, it is a disgusting industry that is ruining lives. To do it by censoring the net is just not going to work, the technology is not there to assure that only a specific subject is blocked. Will it stop only at child porn? Probably not, mark my words next will be porn in general then warez, and by the time it's all said and done the internet could become nothing more than a government portal. 
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