Jan 18, 2009

Rising Antivirus - A Program Not To Be Over Looked.

 I have always (at least since Windows XP was introduced) used either AVG or Avast when it comes to my antivirus needs. I stumbled on an article over at Raymons Blog ( Unpopular FREE Rising AntiVirus Worthy of Praise - AVG FREE Alternative ) about Rising Antivirus so I decided to give it go and see how I liked it. I since have installed Rising and have never looked back.
Rising on my machine (1.5ghz. 512mb. Ram) performs better than AVG or Avast with no noticeable lag time during boot up or the scanning process. Rising has real time virus protection along with a very good active defense module that isn't to intrusive. Pop3 mail scanning - Yes ..... Scheduled scanning - Yes.
If you need a change in antivirus protection check out Rising, It may just be your permanent solution.

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