Jan 13, 2009

Thanks for your patience.

I would like to take a moment and thank all my visitors for your patience during all the recontruction that is happening here at NcryptoWorkz. I know you have noticed a couple of Ad's on my blog that havn't been there before. I promise this will not become a blog with more advertisement that real content. Right now they are just ad's that came with the template , I am not really sure if they will stay. I would like to throw out a "Thumbs Up" to a program that has really helped me in getting this template the way I want it....... "WinMerge" is a very powerful tool that has has the ability to compare 2 Blogger XML files and lets you merge info/code from one document into the other. If you work with html/xml Winmerge is a must have for your coding toolbox.

Thanks so much, Ncrypto

Download Winmerge !

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