Jan 31, 2009

Yoono Social Plugin

Yoono is a fully loaded social plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer. I downloaded Yoono for Firefox and have been tetsing it (Since I don't post any software I don't try myself). Everything seemed to work except the discoveries widget -- The whats related part of the plugin. It just cant get it to work no matter what I tried......

* The Internet Explorer version worked perfectly with no problems whatsoever.

I usually don't blog about a software title that seems not to work correctly, but Yoono is so impressive it truly is hard to resist.

Yoono is constantly being updated and there are known bugs, so it is hard to complain when problems arise. I can still in good faith recommend Yoono and hope you will give it a try........So get Yoono - Get a life. :)

  • Online bookmark storage and sharing
  • Easily find users with your same interest
  • Instantly see photos, similar sites, and shopping/Auctions
  • Centralize all your social networks & instant messenging
  • and much,much more !
Get Yoono Now - And socialize your life.
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