Feb 20, 2009

Gateway MD7820u Laptop Review

I decided to go ahead and purchase a new laptop and put repairing my Dell 1300 temporarily on hold. While browsing around at Office Max I came accross a slick looking Gateway that seemed to call out my name. I tested it out for about 20 minutes and decided to take the plunge. Now it was time to take it home were the real testing begins.The first thing I noticed is the speed and processing power of this laptop, so far it has handled everything I have thrown at it. The Intel dual core T6400 Centrino has no problem with intense multi-tasking. For the first time I am able to virus scan, surf the net, and play music at the same time. With 4 GB. of DDR 2 memory I was able to have every single one of Vista's visual effects enabled and work effortlessly with no system slow down. The display (15.6 UltraBright - max res. 1366 x 768) is crystal clear and has given my eyes a needed break from my old screen.

All is not candy and roses with this laptop though. The keyboard, well I'm just going to say it .... SUCKS.

It's not just the deep set aspect that others have complained about. The keys are definitely not for someone with a light to medium touch. I have had to go back and replace more missed letters in 3 days with this keyboard than I have had to since owning a computer. That gets old quick for someone like a blogger.
Now the audio system. The speakers leave a lot to be desired, this is something Gateway should not have skimped on since it is being marketed as a multimedia computer.
All in all I still like this laptop. Hopefully after retraining my fingers to have a heavier touch the keyboard will no longer be a issue for me.

Gateway MD7820 Basic Specs
  • Intel Dual Core Centrino @ 2 GHz.
  • 4 GB. DDR 2 Ram
  • 15.6 UltraBright HD Display
  • 320 GB. SATA HD
  • CD & DVD Writer With Label Flash
  • 5 in 1 Media Card Reader
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • WiFi / Ethernet / v.92 56k Modem
  • HDMI Port
  • External Monitor Port    

Update 8/6/09 :   My Father in-law just bought a Acer Laptop ( AS7735Z-4357 ) and it seems pretty good.
I did not realize just how bad the web cam was on the Gateway MD7820u....... At least until I compared it to his Acer with the "Crystal Eye" cam.. The Gateway cam is like looking at a worn out vhs tape, and his Acer is like looking at freekin I-Max.
I mean true crystal clarity, Acer really done right by the webcam.

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