Feb 8, 2009

NcryptoWorkz Blog Update.

Hey all, I will be up and running soon (I hope)..... I have been having a few computer problems over the last week.
I spilled a glass of water in my laptop keyboard so now the space bar,the number 1, and the letter N doesn't work. I guess I'm pretty lucky that was all that went wrong. Although I may have shorted out the cooling fan.
My laptop locks up after about 10 min. after a cold boot. I had to throw together a desktop from spare parts I had stored away. The best I could do (With what I had at the time) is a 750 mhz. P3 with 448 mb. of ram. So I'm running a little slow today : )

I'm going to go ahead and repair my Dell laptop, but since it's a bit out dated I may try to go buy one. I have never used Vista so it is going to be a change I'm sure.
Some describe it as Microsoft's second "Windows Me" & some people absolutely love it.
So I guess time will tell if I'm going to adapt to it.
Another problem is finding a descent blogger 3 column template to work with. Whenever I try a third party template, there always seem to be something not quiet right with it.

Be back soon, Charles

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