Mar 16, 2009

Opera 10 Preview W/Turbo Technology

The world famous Opera browser team has just released test version 10 with "Turbo Technology" included. The "Turbo" feature works along the same lines as "SlipStream" which uses compression techniques at the server to slim down image quality thus speeding up web browsing. I have been using accelerated dial-up for a while now and have seen both the pro's & con's of this technology. The primary pro is that sites that load a lot of images like wallpaper galleries seem to respond well and indeed load faster. The con is many sites just don't play nice with this compression technique and can in fact load much slower. A plus for Opera is the ability to easily turn the feature off with a click of the mouse. After going into the network settings of Opera and changing the max connections to a server and then enabling "Turbo" my browsing speed did increase by about 15%. 
I really like the email client in Opera, I was easily able to configure it for G-Mail by just supplying my username and password. Opera was able to fill in the correct pop & smtp server settings automatically without me having to modify anything. 
Unfortunately I'm having to post this with Firefox since Opera did not display the Blogger post page correctly. All other sites I have visited have displayed perfectly. Thankfully Opera is under constant development so I expect any bug's you may find with this test version to be remedied in the near future !

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