Apr 20, 2009

Acme Bar Gig - Dig 2.0 Amp VST

I came across  this guitar amp vst over at and just had to try it out. First let me say if you like high gain distortion then this one is for you. So far I have only listened to it through my headphones, but what I heard was pretty impressive. The vst is listed as Dig 2.0 so I am assuming there have been past versions....I just don't remember seeing this plugin anywhere. Anyway here is what you get.
  • 2 separate amps - one clean & one high gain.
  • Simulated tube sound - two 12ax7's.
  • Stereo delay, noise gate, & a very nice shape-able cabinet sim.
  • Several presets to get you started.
Download Dig 2.0 Guitar Amp Plugin Now !

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