Apr 28, 2009

Live Professor VST / VSTi Host

"Live Professor" is a vst/i plugin host that is geared toward live use. While there are other host available most are designed for audio recording and not live use. I downloaded Live Professor and loaded it up with Free Amp 3 and the effects side of Acme Bar Gig. I plugged in my guitar and sure enough I was able to get a great sound with no noticeable latency using the Asio4All drivers.. Since I don't record very much, Live Professor is the perfect tool for me, and it has found a permanent place on my computer.

From the Live Professor site:
  • As many VST plugins as your computer can handle.
    Both effects and VST-instruments are supported

  • Easy routing
    The matrix view makes it easy to see what is patched where

  • Snapshot automation of each plugin
    Recalls all parameters of a plugin.

  • Midi input.
    To control instruments or to allow hands-on control of plugins

  • Fast audio engine to ensure low latency.
    Using a standard ASIO-card you can have as many inputs and outputs you like

  • Easy user interface for fast and simple workflow
You can download Live Professor here.

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