Apr 8, 2009

WOT (Web Of Trust) Browser Security Addon

WOT or "Web of trust" is a  very good web browser addon that can help protect you while surfing the net. Every day it seems we here of a new virus, trojan, or exploit lurking online waiting to make your computing experience miserable. 
A lot of these problems can be avoided by keeping a close eye on the websites you may visit. This is were WOT comes in to play, with site ratings from users like you it can help alert you of a malicious website. If you come across a very dangerous site you will see a warning like the above sceenshot. Of course it is only a warning system therefore you can choose to proceed if you wish. Here is another screenshot (below) showing you the ability to see a websites rating & review right from inside you browser window. If you would like to take part in the "Web of trust" and help in keeping others secure by rating the sites you visit, or you just need a little more security while surfing.........   Download WOT - I'm sure you will keep it among your security tools.

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