May 3, 2009

Free Amp 2.5 Helian

Free Amp 2.5 Helian is completely different than Free Amp 3, and  "imo" a lot better.
Fretted Synth Audio has delivered big with this guitar amp sim. 
From cleans to crunch this VST can give it to you. 
Also some very nice effects can be achieved with the integrated guitar synth module.
Free Amp 2.5 Helian:
  • 7 Amp Models w/ Pre & Post Controls
  • 3 EQ Modes w/ Para EQ Rack Unit
  • Gate & Tremelo Controls
  • 7 Cab Sims With Choice Of Open or Closed Back 
  • 10 Stomp Box Effects
  • Integrated Guitar Synth Audio/Midi Triggered
  • And Much More !

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