Jun 14, 2009


"grANALiser" is a very interesting VST plugin that can shape your sounds in more ways than you could ever imagine. I tested it by chaining it with a great sounding VSTi  and I was able to manipulate the output in almost anyway I wanted it. Whether you like a little chorus, a bit of delay, or mind warping mangeling, Granaliser can give you just that. The ability to metalize a sound and/or deliver strong explosions is an effect that really is impressive and comes in handy for anyone that does pc recording.
Go ahead and add Granaliser to your bag of VST tricks, I'm sure you will find a use for it !
Oh and by the way ........  Yup you guessed it "FREE"

From the Granaliser website.

Features include :
  • - stereo processing (granulator pitch shift, size and rate, delay time with spread parameters)
  • - full featured granulator with pitch shift ( ±5 octaves, dropdown list with fixed values available), that can be tuned with grain size or synced to tempo.
  • - delay unit with feedback
  • - adjustable sample&hold lfo (randomizer) for pitch and grain rate/size values.
  • - all parameters are controlled by MORFIKI preset system (the system itself is described below)
  • - moderate cpu usage
  • - dropdown menus with fixed values for pitch-shifter scale tuning, spread transposition and tempo synchronization when available.

Download "grANALiser"VST Effect From !

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