Jul 1, 2009

Guitarist Software - Best Practice

Ever been listening to a guitar solo and wished you could slow it down so you could learn it note for note?
Then "Best Practice" is sure to help you in your practice sessions. Some of the programs out there can slow a song down but it sounds horrible. 
Either the sound is mangled from noise or you get that off pitch or phasey effect.
Best practice is great, keeping the original sound clean and in key. 
Sound files can be adjusted in real time so there is no guess work in finding the right speed for you.
I have tested the program with Windows XP & Vista 32 / 64 bit (Running as administrator) and it has performed perfect.

From The Best Practice site:
  • Your favorite musician plays a solo that you want to study, but you can't figure it out on normal speed
  • You'd like to transcribe music, but need to slow it down to hear it right
  • You can tune the song to your instrument instead of the other way around
  • You'd like to sing along, but you need to change the key to match your voice
  • You're learning a foreign language and you'd like to slow down the spoken examples
  • You're like me and like to fool around with audio and/or digital signal processing
  • You think that playing Celine Dion at rave speed is fun =D
Download Best Practice Here

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