Aug 23, 2009

Flash Viewer

Being a blogger I keep folders full of items like clipart, web animations, and flash objects.
I needed a program that would let me view an entire folder of flash files instead of opening them one by one.
I found this little program that was created way back in 2005, and it's simply named "Flash Viewer".
No install, no scattered dll files here and there, and no registry entries.............Just open it and it works.
You can load flash movies or open an entire folder of flash objects and start viewing them.
Your page up - page down keys lets you cycle through each item, and yes you can view them full screen if you like. Stop opening flash files one by one in your web browser and get Flash Viewer, it will save you tons of time.
* XP - Vista 32 / 64 bit compatible - YES.

Download Flash Viewer Now !

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