Aug 12, 2009

U.S. Feds To Change Cookie Policy After 9 Years.

I remember when I first connected to the internet using MS Window 95.
I Also remember all security worries that came along with it. Delete temp internet files, delete cookies, empty the Windows temp folders, Scan This, ........ All this to have a little peace of mind. I think just about everybody starting out goes through that "Security Overkill" phase at least once.
After awhile you figure out there is a much broader picture,
(Your future privacy rights) and the current trend towards your privacy rights.
Almost everyday security & privacy legislation is considered by our governments in an effort to keep us safe (So they say). The U.S. Feds is now considering restoring tracking cookies to all it's websites after a 9 year ban on the practice. Now there is talk among bloggers and also within the ACLU concerning privacy rights or the loss thereof. The concern is always the same, just what this practice could lead to or at least open the door toward.
Now my site here at NcryptoWorkz uses cookies via my " Feedjit " widget, this helps me decide what information to feature for my blog visitors. For example if most people are coming from and to sites that tailor to musicians then I might consider offering more of that kind of content to my readers.
The whole idea af the government looking at your surfing habits though has more than a few people upset. Before giving my own personal comment concerning this I'm going to wait and see just how it's going to play out and be structured.
I will say this though, If "Big Brother" wants to monitor you on the net
there going to ...... Cookie or no cookie.

Feds Consider Adding 'Cookies' to Web Sites; Will Privacy Crumble? - Political News -

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