Sep 27, 2009

USB Disk Eject

These days USB Flash Drives have become cheap enough that just about anyone can afford one.
As a matter of fact I have seen them as low as $9.95 for a 1gb at a local retail outlet store. They are easy enough to use, just plug it in to an available usb port and hey ......Instant hard drive !
The aggravating part is trying to find the eject icon in the system tray, especially for those with poor eyesight.
Some will argue that creating an eject shortcut on the desktop still doesnt make the process any faster.
There is a program I use called "USB Disk Eject" and it does just what the name states.

Download the program here and extract the zip archive. Place the folder were you choose and send the file within it (USB_Disk_Eject) to the desktop as a shortcut.
Now when your ready to eject simply click on the shortcut you just created. Click the enter key and your done. When you see "No disks found !" you can safely remove your flash drive.
It's just that easy !

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