Sep 2, 2009

Opera 10 Final - Finally !

Well after more builds than I care to think about it's finally here ...Opera 10 Final !
Let me start out by saying that I have no bias toward any particular browser, I just never have been a fan of
Opera's web browser. I have been trying to get used to this browser ever since the version 6 days.
The problem has always been the same, it had a bad habit of stalling for several seconds 
while loading a webpage.
Even the pre-releases of version 10 were a bit disappointing. Last night I thought to myself  "oh well" lets give 
Opera 10 final a try........  Very quickly a smile came to my face.
I really think Opera Software has hit a home run with version 10 final.
Sporting a new sleek theme that is quite a looker, speed like never before, and great stability so far - Yes I think I'm hooked.
The Opera turbo feature (Free) is a real God send for people still stuck on dialup. It works like the high speed addon service that some isp's offer for a few dollars more a month. 
Surprisingly while setting up my Gmail account the pop servers and proper settings were filled in 
automatically for me.
Opera 10's features are far to many for me to list here. So let me put it like this - As a long time Firefox user I'm just about ready to click yes to that Opera dialog box "Do you want to make Opera your default web browser". Go ahead and give Opera another spin and tell me what you think.
It might just bring a smile to your face too !

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