Sep 24, 2009

Private Firewall 6.1 Released

Privacyware is offering a free firewall to help protect your Windows personal or server computers.
While online Private Firewall will monitor and protect your pc from both inbound & outbound attacks.
With the constant threat of hackers and malware infecting our computers, having a strong effective firewall is almost a necessity.
Private Firewall by Privacyware is a smart & sensible choice to add to any pc that will be connecting to the internet and/or a public network.
I personally tested (and am currently using) Private Firewall and it has surpassed all my expectations of a true security product. 
It has passed leak testing by me both with and without a proxy enabled. (Some firewalls leak when used with a proxy configuration). It also received a passing grade from "GRC shields up" achieving true stealth protection.

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