Oct 1, 2009

AIMP Music Player - Has it gone rogue ?

Well if the story turns out to be correct, it is truly a heart breaking moment for the music community.
I have been using AIMP for a long time and it is my default Mp3 player.
There has been a lot of web chatter for a few days now complaining that AIMP has becoming spyware.
For example here at donation coder someone complains that the music player is trying to connect to a known adware/spyware site.... 007guard.
Here at AIMPS own forum someone complains about a Russian toolbar being installed silently without any input from the user. Part of the response to this complaint is "don't expect much, there is a serious reason for things as is for now".  Hmmm.
You can do your own search from Google using the following search terms: Aimp
See what comes up and decide for yourself.

Interestingly enough the latest changle log from AIMP's own update window makes no mention of a toolbar.

I guess for now things are still in question of what will take place with AIMP.
  • If it does start including a toolbar will it be optional ?
  • Will the toolbar collect personal information like your browsing habits ?
  • Are you going to see Ad's & Popup windows in your browser or even on the desktop ?
Who knows, I guess we will soon see if this is another story of "Good software Gone bad".

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