Oct 11, 2009

Codessey Flash Drive Launcher

Codessey launcher has to rank in the top 5 most useful utilities I have ever tried. Codessey Codesafe is a menu based app launcher for your usb flash drive that is second to none. After installation to your drive you simply use Codesafe to launch portable apps just like you would with the Windows start menu.
Let's say you want to run your favorite portable disk cleaner...... No more searching through folders to find it, just look on the Codesafe menu and it's there.

Codesafe's control center includes a disk doctor with Viru-Sense technology to repair and protect your drive.
Hot keys to create keyboard shortcuts and a "Find If Lost" tool to provide your contact info if you misplace your drive.


  • Automatic application ranking based on frequency of its usage
  • Grouping and categorizing of applications
  • Management of automatic launching of portable applications
  • Adding applications that are not compatible with framework.
  • And more
If you use portable apps on your flash drive, Codesafe is simply a no-brainer.

Visit and downoad Codesafe now !

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