Oct 15, 2009

Songr Mp3 Search Tool.

Forget P2P & Torrent's, Songr is the safest way to find and download music from the net.
Search by Artist, Song title, Even from a few words you might know. Songr searches 10 different sites to ensure you find that song you've been looking for.
This program is one of the the few music search utilities left that is 100% spyware free.
If you need a new way to search for music check out Songr, It's simple to use and free to keep.

From the Author of Songr:

  • Songr aggregates results from 10 mp3 search engines
  • Download HQ/HD YouTube videos and optionally extracts the audio track as mp3
  • It grays out low bitrate preview-only and mp3s
  • Intelligent sorting: Songr tries to display high quality mp3s on the top of the list
  • Double clicking a mp3 file opens it directly in Windows Media Player
  • Songr converts links that point to a web page instead of the mp3 file
  • It makes possible to discover the name of a song by typing some words in the Search by lyrics panel and listen to a preview of the song
  • Automatic updates check, to get more search engine connectors
  • Links to buy music from Amazon and Rhapsody
  • Log file
  • It's freeware, without ads or restrictions

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