Nov 6, 2009

Free Mac Apps !

The nice folks at are blogging about a giveaway for all the Mac users.
You can get $154.00 worth of mac applications absolutely free.
The offer is located on a site called Mac Heist & seems to be legit and worth checking out.
Since I own only a PC I have no way of testing these programs out, so you need to visit the above sites to get more info.

List of available apps:

shovebox icon
Easily capture important bits of information!
Catch all the little scraps of information that you can’t immediately act on, but don’t want to forget. ShoveBox sits up in your menu bar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, URLs, and more.

white room icon

WriteRoom is a simple, but powerful app that provides you with a distraction-free writing environment. WriteRoom does one main thing and does it incredibly well: It’s all about writing…

twitterrific icon

Twitterrific is an exquisite app that enables you to make the most out of your Twitter experience. It has a clean user interface that’s designed to take up little of your precious desktop space.

3 more including:

Tiny Grab - TinyGrab is a simple, powerful app that enables you to quickly share screenshots of everything on your Mac.

Hordes of orcs - Hordes of Orcs is a Tower Defense strategy game where you build walls and towers to defend your village from orcs gone rogue.

Mariner Write - Mariner Write is a fast, streamlined word processor that’s useful for everyone… professional writers, educators, students, casual computer users, and everyone in-between. It has a simple, elegant user interface so that you can create beautiful documents the very first time you start using it.
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