Nov 18, 2009

Guitar GUI Tools

Guitar Gui Tools is a program that every guitarist (Esp. Beginners) should have on there computer.
This tool contains 4 different musician applications in one nice package.
First a guitar tuner that not only has a needle type tuning meter, but also a frequency display for getting that string in perfect tune. Four different tuning modes are supported ....... Guitar Standard, Bass 4 -5- & 6 string Standard tunings.

Next is a powerful metronome with 7 preset tempo styles, up to 4 beats (4 rhythm & 4 beats within), & up to 4 channels to work with.
Also included is a very nice chord structure section that not only shows were to put your fingers, but also displays each note within the chord.
A nice extra is a playable midi so you can here how each chord should sound.
Last but not least is a scale diagram tool showing all the notes on the fretboard. Every chord/key is supported along with all the scales..........So I have to say this is one nice program !

*Works on Vista 32/64 bit and Widows 7 32/64 bit.

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