Dec 17, 2009

PC as Guitar Tuner

AP Tuner is a great choice for your guitar tuning needs. When it comes to precision and versatility this utility is hard to beat. AP Tuner supports both  standard E and drop D tunings, a very precise harmonics graph, and the ability to dial in specific frequencies to further enhance it's usefulness.

Pitch Perfect is yet another great choice when it comes to pc guitar tuners.  Pitch Perfect supports the tuning of 10 different instruments including but not limited to the guitar and bass. Even more of a mind blower is the program supports 19 different tuning styles! Whether you want to tune by frequency to perfection or you just want to get it close by matching the red and green marks Pitch Perfect just works and works well.
Tune It ! is a great choice if you need a free VST guitar tuner. Tune It mimics the typical hardware chromatic tuner like the ones you see in the stores. Like the hardware tuners Tune It is precise and very easy to use. Just load it up in your favorite DAW like you would with any other VST effect. I have tested it with Reaper and it works just as it should.

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